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Curious? Estimate your house!

Most single story homes you can ballpark at $.10 per square foot of the home, and most two story homes you can ballpark at $.11 per square foot*. Typically it comes out to a little less than that total.  This includes all screens being removed, washed and replaced,  and we do that for you for all the seasonal screen change-outs from bug to sun and back!



Terms, Conditions, Disclaimers etc. 

Interior and exterior obstructions.

CCC Window Cleaning does not squeeze into tight interior or exterior spaces that may exist e.g. vegetation, furniture, topograhpical or landscape features. We DO NOT under any circumstances move furniture or "create" space to work. 

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Screen repair and fabrication. 

*We will repair screens while on site so long as we have the materials required at the time. New screens that require measurement, offsite fabrication and installation must meet a minimum of $300.00 


CCC Window Cleaning DOES NOT participate in discount service contract programs such as Group-On. Any discounts are at the soul discretion of CCC Window Cleaning and are NOT guaranteed. Employees in the field are not authorized to initiate or grant discounts at any time. 

Physical damage to windows or screens. 

We do our best to note and report any damage to screens or glass observed prior to commencing cleaning and of course any damage caused by CCC Window Cleaning.  We will not be responsible for anything previously in existence and will do our best to correct any issues we cause.